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  • Children and Separation

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No matter where you are at in your separation or divorce, our passion is to meet you where you are and engage you with respect, compassion, and understanding to help you restore your foundations

Life didn’t come with a road map or a guarantee. The path seems rocky at the best of times and impossible at the worst of times. If we could all turn back time, what would we do differently? What would we take away from our lessons or hindsight? We can endlessly ponder on what might have been or what we could have done differently, no question. 

When you wake up and realize the person you dedicated your life to is a stranger in your bed, suddenly nothing makes sense anymore.

When you hear the patter of little feet coming down the hallway, a lump in your throat forms, as you fear how you will just get through today. What will you tell them? Can you turn and smile, swallowing your own grief while the coffee maker drowns out your tears? Just one more minute your mind whispers, just one more minute before they burst into the room and you have to open your arms and turn off your grief. 

Who Are We?

Separation and Divorce Consulting was created to help others who are struggling to understand how to manage a high conflict situation while trying to navigate the legal system. We have been there! We understand fully what it is like to try to communicate with a toxic person during the divorce process. From the stress of separating assets and debt to leaving the family’s ‘forever home’ and determining parenting time. Adding in a toxic person, or a high conflict individual makes the divorce a thousand times more difficult. 

The majority of the legal teams, courts, and other helping professionals do not seem to understand what it is like to deal with the high conflict individual. Each day is one more day on the battlefield but winning the war seems so far out of reach without a strategy partner who gets it!

A High Conflict Divorce Consultant is an invaluable asset to have on your team to decrease expensive legal fees by allowing your lawyer to focus on your case rather than your emotions and reactions. We can provide the tools to decrease emotional dysregulation and reactive behavior by becoming your strategy partner.

                                                                                            YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

How We Can Help

At Separation and Divorce Consulting it is our goal to assist you with:

  • Navigating the legal system
  • Being prepared for your lawyer to reduce hours and fees
  • Understanding your parental rights and responsibilities
  • Learning to document behavior without personalizing attacks
  • Appropriate court ready language and responses
  • The do’s and do not’s during a high conflict legal separation and divorce
  • Age appropriate modeling and parenting for your children during conflict
  • Understanding the high conflict individual – often referred to as the ‘narcissist’
  • Accessing resources to fit your family’s needs
  • Understanding post separation abuse
  • Understanding the effects of domestic violence and domestic violence by proxy, as applicable

What You Can Expect

Separation and Divorce Consulting is here to help you manage your expectations and most importantly, protect your future to best meet your family’s needs. A High Conflict Divorce Consultant (HCDC) is not a mediator and only works with one parent. We are divorce experts providing a safe space, confidential conversations with a forward focus to help you through your emotional setbacks and prepare you for your upcoming legal and financial hurdles. Divorce consulting is recognized as a goal oriented process designed to motivate, support, and guide clients toward realistic expectations, utilizing effective and strategic communication. 

We honor and practice:

  • Professional values and code of conduct
  • Respect and understanding
  • Trauma informed practice
  • Cultural considerations and awareness
  • Connections with your legal team and support systems
  • Years of professional experience with high conflict individuals
  • Child Development and Children’s Best Interest focused
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